Call and program

Systems Biology and Systems Medicine for Precision medicine

Dear Colleagues,
There is limited reason to be concerned about an inability to collect vast
amounts of (BIG) Data; we are fully capable of this since the genomics revolutions.
Data have been and are being collected: databases are full of them. However, neither
Medicine nor Biotech is progressing as swiftly as we would have hoped with all those
data available. The progress limitation may reside elsewhere. Apparently there is
more needed than just Data.
Systems Biology and Systems Medicine have brought and are bringing forward
innovative approaches that are enabling to build bridges between data on the one
hand and both understanding and applications on the other.

This course will highlight those methods, some of the understanding obtained, and
some applications. This should inspire the participants to become involved in the
new and greatly empowered precision medicine and precision biotechnology.

The second Systems Biology and Systems Medicine School (2nd SyBSyM Como
School – at the prestigious “Lake Como School of
Advanced Studies” ( is a full immersion course.
Demonstration sessions explicating Systems Biology will enable participants to
tackle complex networks of life in an operational way. Lectures will underpin these.
With its International lecturers, SyBSyM provides a stimulating environment to all
researchers, academia and industry ones alike.

We are writing to ask you to identify excellent scientists and students that are keen on
traveling this new avenue towards precision biotechnology and medicine.

With best regards,

Hans V. Westerhoff                                                             Lilia Alberghina
University of Amsterdam                                                     SYSBIO.IT Centre, Italy
VU University Amsterdam
MCISB, University of Manchester

Here it is the school program.